1. Policing from the Public Eye by Josh Murdock

    I recently did a few interviews for one my classes. I thought I’d share more of my work in general on here considering I haven’t been doing much with the site/content lately!

    This was good practice on my part of capturing the subject in a comfortable environment & editing. They really get into some of the questions even though they were relatively simple and short. What do you think about the idea of community policing & how it can improve? 


  2. toronto streets by joshua murdock


  3. toronto 2014 by joshua murdock

    Well I’m back. It’s been too long and I haven’t done enough with this site yet, sorry b.

    Here’s some pics from Toronto when I went to visit my brother!

    (Source: eightgiants.com)


  4. summer 2013 by joshua murdock



  5. Why I Quit Drinking

    So I’ve been down this road for a few years (out of curiosity) and I decided it’s just not for me.  Especially at this time. I still have a life of work, friends, family, school and everything. It’s not an addiction or an abusive problem.  It’s just one of the many ways of bettering myself for all benefits.

    Note: I’d only do this socially, I’m not one to have a beer with dinner.

    Aboriginal Stereotypes

    There has always been a serious and deadly history attached to Aboriginals substance abuse/alcoholism, thus stereotypes about how we live has stemmed from that.  

    I’ve had my personal ‘fun’ with drinking at times, but ultimately it’s not for me.  It’s become more obvious now that I have joined a program that helps Aboriginal’s join the Canadian police force, whether it’d be a reservation cop, an RCMP or city police.  It’s designed solely to get our foot in the door and develop a working relationship with our brothers and sisters on both the reserves and the inner cities.

    The people I work/study with bring up drinking more then anyone I’ve hung out with and I could already see it causing problems in the classroom.  Plus we are the only Aboriginal program at the college, so we are also representatives for the program.  I don’t want us backing the stereotype that we all like to drink all the time.  And the only way to move forward is to change ourselves and inspire others to do the same.  We are all in this program for a reason, a good reason.  We want to be better people. We want to break these stereotypes. We want to tear down the walls we’ve put against the police community. We want to help our communities, our families.  And we want to inspire. 

    Physical Benefits

    I’m at the gym 5 to 6 days a week. I love breaking a good sweat, I love the feeling, and I love learning how my body works and developing a healthy lifestyle.  I always try my best with nutrition and the workouts. But when the weekend rolls around I will have a few drinks and feel like I’ve ruined everything I’ve worked so hard for all week.  So I get in that cycle, for months.  I started looking at the weekend as a reward for what I did for the week, but I decided I don’t want to feel like shit on a sunday and start fresh on a monday. I want to start & end fresh.


    It costs money to put yourself in a hole. I’d rather spend it on a sober experience, creativity, supplements, saving, travelling (more), and books. I see the amount of money that gets put into a weekend you barely remember, it’s not worth the headache.


    I realize I’m gonna lose a few friends from this and that’s okay.  Not everyone will be running the same direction as me.  It also started becoming a crutch to be sociable, I don’t like that.  If I really want to make friends that stand on the same moral ground as me, I’ll have to stand on my own two feet and talk to them.

    Personal Benefits

    I can put more value into my time when I’m not drinking.  I can focus on dealing with problems rather then finding an excuse not to deal with them.  I can focus on being the best version I imagine of myself.  I have goals and I’d rather not stare through the fence at them.

    Relationships (future)

    I’d rather not tell the story of how I met your mother at the bar one crazy night and how we awkwardly saw each other sober the next day.  It doesn’t sound pretty. I want to meet a girl in better circumstances and I keep picturing it that way.  Whether it’d be in a classroom, the gym, a store, a concert, traveling, through a friend of a friend. Not a sketchy house party or some sleazy bar. Something that starts slow and gradually builds into something amazing (cheesy, but true). 

    If I don’t admit this publicly I’ll have a hard time following through with it. 


  6. Experiencing Art: What Music has Taught Me

    The other day I was tweeting (weak shit right?) about how I would listen to a whole album for a few weeks. And how I would take the time to appreciate the whole concept/story the artist put together for that album.  About having an experience with the artist, and not just another catchy tune to enjoy for 3 minutes and forget.

    I’m sick of hearing about him lately, however I listed Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as one of my favourites. He ran a specific sound to each track, used consistent artwork throughout the album cover and made a short film to accompany the album as well.  He even dressed a certain way (suits, lots of sharp suits from casual to formal) to pertain to the level of luxury and sophistication he put into the album.

    Childish Gambino is on the brink of doing the same with his next album, “Because the Internet.”  He’s already made a short film, which has ties to his upcoming album.  He’s taken on this melancholy attitude to pertain to his music, he doesn’t really care about what people think as long as he’s making a good experience to music and not just good music.  His album cover imitates the gif cover on the internet and said to include a script to the album as well.  He’s creating an experience for the observer/listener, not just another song for the radio. 

    I sound like I’m giving these guys praises. But it’s their idea of creating the ultimate personal experience that I really love.  I can associate my own ‘era’ to a certain album, or associate a good or a bad time to a certain song as well.  We all see big ‘artists’ do this all the time with albums, but you never get that same feeling when you know it’s been manufactured.  I chose those two examples because they seemed to have a lot of personal convictions drawn into them (at the time).  Something people can relate to whether it’d be the song, the clothing, the short film or the artwork.  Something that will reach a thousand different people with the same message, whatever their intended message is.

    It’s something I aspire to do with artistic visions as well. I can’t just take a picture and put up “a few good photos.” I have the need to develop a small/big concept or tie to it as well.  Which is why most of my work is in big chunks of travelling in China, or BC, or fishing on the lake.  I feel the need to create a running experience for a few weeks at a time.  Lately, I’ve been lacking concepts and ideas because I’m back at school.  So be patient with me, we’ll be back on track soon enough!

    What art (in the most general sense, music/photography/film/painting/architecture/design) has taken you through an experience?


  7. self portrait by joshua murdock

    I set up these Christmas lights in my dorm and I was real curious about the lighting with the camera and these were a few of the results.


  8. Halloween 2013 by joshua murdock

    Well friends, here’s a few out-of-focus ones from before Halloween!


  9. elevated sunset by joshua murdock

    This was a few days before we left and one of the nicer days too. It’s a bitter sweet return to the homeland.


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